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Desert Sands FNL Families-


Lots to cover to ensure we finish strong!! Please read carefully; so you are in the "know".

We made it!!!  Yes it is already the Final week of the regular season and here is what you need to know.

  • First and foremost to our Families and Volunteers-THANK YOU!  What a year.  It has been so rewarding getting the kids back involved in youth sports. We opened in record time.  At times it was chaotic but your tolerance and support has been unprecedented.  Our unified goal of getting the kids back into a healthy, active routine, prevailed!  We could not have done it without you, Thank You! Please think about volunteering again next season and encourage your Families to go online and register for Fall while rates are discounted and spots are available. 
  • Kindergarteners'- This will be your last game (no playoffs for Kinders).  Kinder Coaches, Please stop by the FNL booth to pick up your participation trophy’s ! Thanks for a great season and spread the word Fall registration is already OPEN and will be at a discounted price through the month of June.
  • Trophy’s for the 1st and 2nd place regular season Teams in each division (red and blue) at all grade levels will be awarded. Tie breaker is head to head and then fewest points allowed.  These will be available for pick up at the FNL snack shack before Thursdays June 16th playoffs.
  • Parents encourage your kids to stay properly hydrated.  That means you start the night before and drink throughout the day, before play begins.  Bring additional water to drink during the game.  Cold water is available at the DSFNL booth for only $1.  Stay hydrated!
  • Please obey parking regulations which is designed to allow emergency access if needed.  Do Not park in the red or in handicap spots without a proper placard. Violators will be towed and ticketed. 


Here’s what you need to know about our upcoming playoffs- Playoffs? timing CMP JUNE 17-18-19

  1. First, EVERYONE makes the playoffs and schedules are expected to be posted on our website by Tuesday June 15th.
  2. We have a different format this year designed to beat the heat and finish by mid-June. Our single elimination Playoffs will take place on three consecutive days.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, June 17,18, and 19th. Teams will be seeded based on their regular season record with tie breakers going to the victor of head to head match ups and then points allowed.
  3.  It is a single elimination playoff, similar to the NCAA basketball tournament.  To become Champions you need to win 3-4 straight games. Win you move on, lose you go home.
  4. Teams will be seeded based on the regular season records ie:  #1 seed plays #16, #2 plays #15  etc.  Tie breakers are settled by head to head results and then fewest points allowed.  We will seed the Teams after the regular season ends and the schedule for the playoffs should be completed and posted online at by Tuesday June 15th.
  5. All Teams will compete on opening night of playoffs, Thursday June 17th (1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, 5th/6th and 7th/8th teams).  We expect  total of 32 games.  Lower seeds may be required to win a “play-in game”. We will complete round 1 which means half of the teams move on and the other half will be eliminated by the end of the first night. ie: With the anticipated heat, we are planning to push back the start time for day one, Thursday June 17th games to somewhere between 5:30pm and 6:00 pm (TBD based on lights).   It’s going to be high energy and hot.  Please make sure your players hydrate the night before and during the games.
  6. Friday June 18th will be quarter and semifinals. They will also start later between 5:30-6:00 pm.  Winners should expect to play two games on this night. Winners stay alive to compete on Championship Saturday. To win it all you need to win 3-4 straight games depending on the number of teams in your age group. 
  7. Saturday June 19th is Championship Saturday and games will start at 9 am.  This day is reserved for the best of the best and feature the final two Teams standing at each grade level.  Only 8 teams will advance to the Championship Saturday and both Teams will earn hardware (Champions or Finalist trophy’s) and will be invited to represent Desert Sands FNL in  our annual Tournament of Championship in Los Alamitos CA on the following Saturday June 29th.  This is the largest one day Flag Football tournament in the country.  


One final Thank you!   Desert Sands Friday Night Lights has joined forces with Power Baseball (, to offer you a Family night out at the ballpark (see attachment)  Wednesday June 23rd all fans wearing their FNL jersey will receive  FREE entry and Kids under age 12 will only be $1.  Game time is 7:05pm but arrive early because  Championship Teams will be recognized with a pregame announcement. Enjoy a Family Night out at the ballpark.


Lastly, Remember to register NOW for Fall Desertsands FNL season It will be professional NFL Team jerseys, the Team pictures will be back, and it is at a discounted rate through the month of JUNE only.  Tell your friends because we will sell out quickly.  Log on to click link for Fall 2021 registration. 


As play intensifies, control your sidelines and Please keep it FUN!!!


Contact us with any questions-


Tom Roche and John Maldonado

DSFNL Commissioner's


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Desert Sands Friday Night Lights Families-


We are in the final stretch of the Spring 2021 season !!!

Here are some things you need to know as we wind down the season and begin Playoffs. 


  • Everyone makes the playoffs. This year the playoffs will take place at Col Mitchell Paige MS starting on Thurs June 17, Friday June 18th,and championship Sat on June 19th. The regular season determines seeding based on winning percentage, head to head, and points allowed.
  • Trophies are awarded to all our Kinder's for participation and the 1st and 2nd place finisher in each division. We also award trophies to the playoff Champions and finalist for each age group.
  • Tournament of Champions (TOC) is back!. It will take place in Los Alamitos the last weekend of June 26th and 27th. Invites will go to our Playoff Champions and Finalists for each age group.
  • We are looking for a volunteer parent that can help us with social media Contact Tom Roche @
  • NFL and NCAA closeout specials at the DSFNL booth until we sell-out. Jerseys will be liquidated at 60% off regular $50 for $20 or 3 for $50.
  • Support our Vendors ! – Please support The FNL snack shack and our vendors. Pele’s and Las Carretas taco shop. They will be there every night for the rest of the year. Their revenue helps us keep our registration affordable. In your weekly communication please encourage support. 
  • Fall early bird registration is now open! Sign up now and Save $25 on Fall registration. and we will offer discounts to all Families that register in the month of June! Current Families get priority admission since we will sell out. 
  • Parking Caution- those parking in handicap or red will be ticketed and towed.

In closing, remember our saying…..”Coaches coach, Refs ref, Players play, and Parents cheer”. 


Desert Sands Friday Night Lights Flag Football is all about developing the youth in our community. We appreciate all your support. Please send us short videos on what the league has meant to you and your kids. We will post many of the testimonials'.


Lets finish strong and strive for tolerance and compassion for All.

Without you, we cease to exist so thanks for your collective effort.


Keep it Fun !


Tom Roche and John Maldonado

Commissioners DSFNL




DesertSands FNL Coaches and Families –                         5/5/21


What an amazing Opening Night!  Thanks for your role in making this happen.  It was soo nice to see the kids back outside playing the game they love, Flag football. The national anthem took on a new meaning.  WE ARE BACK!

Every week we will send you a follow up communication to celebrate what went well and talk about what needs to improve.  The opening night was not without some hiccups.

#1 issue was parkingWarning- I was able to buy us one week but the officer on patrol stressed ALL cars parked in red or those in handicap spots without placard will be ticketed and towed.  This is a safety issue, and we all need to be compliant. I expect they will be back this Friday.

Masks- The CDC communication is confusing, but Please realize we are governed by the city of LaQuinta’s protocols, and they require all attendees to wear masks, even outside. No matter your perspective, deal with the inconvenience and realize we need to oblige for the kids or risk being shut down.

Officiating- I am super optimistic about the quality of our Refs and the preparation from our new Head Ref Albert Galvin.  Here are a couple points from week 1.

  • Consistency is required in sports.  This means compliance with substitution rules (9 man) and equipment (FNL official balls).  The nine-player rule requires everyone plays Q1, then 3 players sit Q2, Q3, Q4 read rules for more detail. Equipment- You are required to use the official FNL balls and flags.  In the 7th/8th grade level there are two official balls, the blue and white composite ball, or the brown FNL composite ball, this is due to back orders on the blue and white ball.  Please understand we want to keep all variables consistent so the only different is the player skills on that given day.   Also due to CoVid each team provides the offense their ball. The same ball is not used by both Teams.
  • 5th/6th Teams:  There is some Leeway on allowing coaches on the field due to short practice time, if you are dominating the game this privilege will be suspended and after week 3 there will be no more Coaches on the field.
  • Show boating (taunting) is “sportsmanship like” behavior and will not be tolerated. A touch down was called back due to this behavior and it could impact the outcome of a game; so, teach your Team this Is not acceptable.
  • Leaving your feet to avoid defender (jumping) is allowed per 2021 FNL Rules.   
  • Work with your Ref crew to establish mutual respect.  Call out downs and  scores regularly to avoid any surprises.

Upcoming Week #2-

  • Start hydrating the kids night before the games
  • We will fill all known back-order shorts and jerseys; so, arrive early to pick up yours!
  • Wear your masks.
  • Obey parking rules or risk being ticketed and towed!
  • Support the league by buying things from the FNL shack
  • Check the scores and schedules.
    • Report errors but recognize max point differential that will be recorded will be 22pts; so PLEASE do not fun up the scores
    • Schedules do change so check before game night!
  • Check the list of online sponsors to ensure they names are spelled correctly.  This will turn into a production plan for thank you plaques.  
  • Lets all remember-Coaches coach. Ref’s ref, Players play, and Parent’s cheer!


Keep it FUN!!!







As a condition in which we are allowed to use the Col Mitchell Paige MS Sports Fields, the following COVID-19 protocols will be in place:

EVERYONE will wear a mask upon entering Col Mitchell Paige

* Players can take masks off once entering the game.  

* Players must wear masks when not in the game

* Only immediate family members and primary caregivers in attendance

* Social Distancing: Do not gather in groups on the sidelines....please spread out.

* Wash your hands and sanitize frequently,.  Sanitizer will be readily available at Col Mitchell Paige on game nights.

* Equipment sanitized before and after each game.  Coaches will handle via the self service section that will be clearly marked.

* Please exit the facility shortly after the conclusion of your game.

* City staff & Security guards will be there to kindly remind everyone.



June 17th-18th-19th


Welcome Back

Friday Night Lights



Rams 1st/2nd

3rd-4th Grade Packers

RAMS 5TH/6th

Season Tips


Spring Season Tips- 

  • Arrive early, Invite your Friends and Family members.  We expect larger than average crowds
  • Please respect parking guidelines
  • No Pets :( school rules
  • Plan on dinner- support our Vendors Mexican, Pizza, Burgers and Plenty of Candy 
  • Check schedules!  They do change so get in the habit to check every Friday.
  • All players MUST be officially registered and have mouth pieces ($5 available at FNL Snack Shack). 
  • Remember the regular season is about Team development, “EVERYONE makes the PLAYOFFS”; so Keep it FUN!!
  • Talk t your Players- The impact you can make on this Community and this new generation can be life changing and will be much more enduring than your record.
  • Whether you like it or not we are all role models.  Control your sidelines.  You set the tone for the Players, Parents, and ultimately the league; so win or lose, do it with Class. Demonstrate Good Sportsmanship, shake hands after every game, and genuinely thank the opponent for the opportunity to compete.
  • Remind your Families: “Coaches Coach, Refs Ref, Players Play and Parents Cheer.  If we all stick to our roles we will have another Banner Season.


Welcome to the

2021 Fall FNL Flag Football Season!








Call: 760-636-8266


Upload your photos 

Every Teams has there own web page!

Desert Sands Friday Night Lights-DSFNL


Fall Season 2021 



5 DIVISIONS (K, 1ST/2ND, 3RD/4TH, 5TH/6TH, 7TH/8TH) 







Pictures and TROPHIES


 FNL Vendors


Remember the regular season is about Team development, “EVERYONE makes the PLAYOFFS”; so Keep it FUN!!

The impact you can make on this Community and this new generation can be life altering.   The Life lessons you teach will be much more enduring than your record.

Whether you like it or not you are role models.  Control your sidelines.  You set the tone for the Players, Parents, and ultimately the league; so win or lose, do it with Class. Demonstrate Good Sportsmanship, shake hands after every game, and genuinely thank the opponent for the opportunity to compete.

“New Spotlight Player award-  Coaches please be active nominating your players for Community, Academic or Athletic excellence!  Every week we will select an individual that best embodies the ideals we prize as a League. 

Lastly, Control you Sidelines Remind your Families: “Coaches Coach, Refs Ref, Players Play and Parents Cheer.  If we all stick to our roles we will have another Banner Season.


Spring 2021


Welcome Back, DSFNL Families!

Together we use the FUN game of Flag Football to develop the character of our Kids.. "Winners are not defined by records but rather character- I am so proud of our effort to positively shape the kids in our Community". 

Fall 2019 season was simply the best Season so Far! The Best Ref Crew, Most Balanced Divisions, and Most FUN yet!

Let's do it all over again!


- - - - - - - - - -

Season Highlights include:

  • Opening Night- Live National Anthem starts with dreams of a Perfect Season
  • Rescue Mission-Donations filled the local Coachella Valley Truck
  • Picture Night- Captured the moment and delayed but Mom's loved the Buttons 
  • Playoffs-Upsets and Favorites survive but everyone experienced the thrill of victory and agony of defeat
  • TOC representatives- Lets root on our DSFL Playoff Champion Teams  


- - - - - - - - - -

Feed for


DSFNL Mailing Address


P.O. Box 11034

Palm Desert, CA 92255-1034

John A. Maldonado

COMMISSIONER K, /1st & 2nd / 3rd & 4th Grade Divisons

Phone: 760-636-8266

Tom Roche

COMMISSIONER 5th & 6th / 7th & 8th Grade Divisions

Phone: 949-836-4753

Game and practice Pictures Wanted!

Have any practice or game photos that you want to share with us?

Please send them to Nayyan Chandler, our Web and Social Media Director at

Thank you!

Mother’s Day Pictures!

Spring 2019 Photos

Fall 2019 Pictures

Join the 20,000 Kids who Play FNL Football

14 FNL Football Leagues to choose from.  Please Visit their websites for more information:

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  • Irvine,
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  • Murrieta,
  • Temecula
  • Newport Mesa,
  • North County (Carlsbad - La Costa - Oceanside),
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